AT&T MicroCell? Gone… 3

UPDATE: The site is up! AT&T 3G MicroCell It is just not available in my area yet.

Over the last few moths I had heard about AT&T’s rolling out a new “MicroCell” that would allow you to plug the device into your own high speed connection to create a micro cell. Given that we do not get very good reception anywhere inside our house, this would be ideal. Trouble is, while there are various references and queries about it all over the ‘nets the one link I found to the AT&T site is dead (or locked down) and a search of their site reveals nothing.

Was it too much to hope for?


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3 thoughts on “AT&T MicroCell? Gone…

  • John

    AT&T what are you doing.You could at least tell us when we have to pay for your microcell. The microcell should cover your inferior network at our expense ,Thanks for the info !!!!!

    You guys really need to work on your customer service it is without a doubt the worst I have ever seen.I pay for your mobile service and I can’t even get your signal at my house, where I need it most.I have called over a dozen times to cancel my service . AT&T tells me I am locked into my contract so it would cost me over 1000$ just to get out of my contract. I have been trying to contact AT&T but to no avail……………. you are lost AT&T your message is lost your company is lost !

  • Michael

    I was on the phone with a couple of the AT&T tech support people last week (9/10/09) and they were all still talking about its release. Although they claimed not to know anything about the date and pricing yet. Thus, if it has been killed, even the insiders don’t know it yet.