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“In the beginning…” What was really there?

This began as an email reply to my old college friend who came across this recent interview with John Walton on Jesus Creed. That link is the third in a series of interviews with Walton based upon his book In the Beginning, God: Creation, Culture, and the Spiritual Life. I was going to leave it as a short email, since others have said much more on the topic (see below) but then I came across […]

Top exam howlers – from Times Higher Education

These are from Times Higher Education, UK. US bibliobloggers, do you have any good bloops, blunders, or gaffs to share? The “Google generation” finds it hard to imagine life before the world wide web, it seems. A student of Leo Enticknap, lecturer in cinema at the University of Leeds, explained that a political group “used the internet to publicise their cause, just like the French Resistance did during the Second World War”. On the other […]