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THON Pictures

THON ended this past Sunday with the students having raised $7.49 million (yes million) this year alone! I will be editing (I hope) my podcast this weekend, but in the meantime the pictures are up. As a refresher, THON is the largest student philanthropy in the world and raises its funds for fighting pediatric cancer and aiding those children and families afflicted. The student participants dance for 46 hours straight (really!) and over the course […]

Is-ought the Bible to be systematic?

In class this passed Tuesday in which we were discussing Samuel and the rise of the monarchy a very sharp student asked why/how God could “regret” having made Saul king since God was all-knowing (1 Sam. 15:10 and 1 Sam. 2:3 respectively). I gave my usual, admittedly overly-simplified comment, that this is precisely why I do not hold much to systematic theology because the Bible is not systematic. That led to the student writing this […]