A long weekend…

but sadly, not a very restful one. I was in Chicago Friday and Saturday and flew back Saturday evening. From Dulles to State College was the second worst flight I have ever been on. 35 minutes of unbelievable turbulance. I don’t get on roller coasters for a reason and having had a Five Guys burger 20 minutes before getting on the plane didn’t help eiher. I am convinced the only reason I did not toss my cookies (burger and fries) was that a student of mine was sitting behind me and I really didn’t want it to end up on facebook.

But I verified many times over the fact that there is NO Federal law or TSA rule against taking pictures in an airport (aside from the security check-in). An airport may have additional rules, but if they try and tell you that Federal law says you may not take any pictures anywhere in an airport they are lying. They can still keep you from catching your flight, but they are lying.

Sunset at O'Hare (where the 10 oz. granola mix is $4.98!)

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