Snowy weekend

Jim West’s hell is my delight. I love snow, in its proper place and time, and Saturday we got a nice 6″ of snow in Central PA. The fact that it was on the weekend was even better, it meant that I could play with the kids and they did not have to miss school. Even our kids are tired of snow days. The called the first one this year on the prediction of an ice storm that never arrived. Our daughter knows that all this does is make the school year longer. One friend from North Dakota said if they cancelled school like this in ND he would still be in 3rd grade. Since I broke a bone in my wrist I couldn’t do a lot of sledding (standing was dangerous enough, there was an inch of ice under the snow on the ground where we sled) so I took pictures instead. Below is an “artsy” attempt and more of the kids and whatnot are available at my flickr account.


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