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“Roland Burris and St. Augustine” by Stanley Fish

Since my previous post seems to have ignited the passions of at least one pseudonymous bondsman (or woman) I thought this piece by Fish in the NYTimes was also pertinent. I know that Fish himself stirs up great passions, at least among academics, and often not of the most affectionate sort, but often his says very sound and thoughtful things. Today he compares the issues underlying the Donatist controversy with the situation that Burris finds […]

Good point: Why Palin but not Burris?

David Waters at “On Faith,” a Newsweek/Washington Post joint venture asks a reasonable question. Why did Palin (and Bush) get excoriated for claiming divine mission and assistance but Burris has not? Your thoughts? Burris, Palin and God’s Politics Kudos to Don Byrd of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty for noticing the latest attempt by a politician to claim God’s endorsement. This time it wasn’t George W. Bush or Sarah Palin. It was Democrat […]