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“Myth Adventurer passes…”

In all my years living in NOLA I never knew that he lived there! I loved his witty, silly fantasy works. He will be missed. From NOLA : On Thursday, May 22, fantasy/science-fiction author and editor Robert Asprin passed away in his French Quarter residence. The 61-year-old writer – known to many by his SCA name of "Yang the Nauseating" – was famous for a ground-breaking series known as "Thieves World," in which a group […]

Reading books on the go

Yesterday I picked a new Blackberry. My old 8810 had bit the dust one too many times and the mic no longer worked. That was fine for those who wanted to give me a telling to without hearing me respond, but a challenge for actually accomplishing two-way communication. So I went down one step to the Curve, in red. It actually has all my old model had, plus a camera (with a flash!) and spell […]

Getting healthy

So I was at a hotel on a trip and there was a scale in the bathroom. I stepped upon it and was not happy with results. I knew my girth had been gaining but I didn’t realize that I was becoming like a black hole (in density, not consumption). With a bad back and all I having been trying to do my exercises, get fit, and generally look a little less like the middle […]