Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

  • Meeting is over and now dinner on my own in a hotel restaurant. Is there anything so sad? Call me Willy Lohman (how is that spelt?) #
  • Quite an intnl crowd, Russians, Japanes, Brooklynytes #
  • @colecamplese Thanks for the sympathy. Did some podcasting the other night to pass the time. Looking forward to the TLT symposium #
  • @colecamplese Thanks. Sorry ’bout the lousy quality of my bro’s feed. I forgot to put headphones on so the speakers fed into the mic. #
  • Watching the Pens beating the devils in a restaraunt next door to the Islanders arena. #
  • This hotel has all the intnl flight crews. Just in a crowded elevator with Virgin stewardesses. Virgin airlines, I mean. #
  • I found the Ark of the Covenant in my grandma’s basment. But we used it to store GI Joes and then blew it up with M80s. Very sorry. #
  • It is great that Panera has free wifi (and my business along with it) but why so few outlets? #
  • If Panera really wanted to offer convenience they would have outlets in their bathrooms. #
  • TMI? #
  • NPR gives up: "fighting is in Basra and other towns I can’t pronounce and you don’t know anyway." #
  • @samharrelson http://m.newsgator.com for reading rss feeds. #

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