THON 2008 – For the Kids

DSC07526.JPGLast night began THON 2008, the annual student dance marathon at Penn State that benefits pediatric cancer research and treatment at the Hershey Medical Center. It is the largest student philanthropy in the world, raising over $5.2M last year alone!

Thousands of Penn Staters raise funds all year long and then nearly 700 are dancing for 46 hours straight. It is an amazing experience. I will be posting a podcast with interviews later and have posted pictures at my flicker account. My other posts are therefore delayed while I cheer on my students and also see my daughter in her first little play!

If you have just done your taxes and realized that you really should have given more to charity then please head over to and donate what you can. The three teams associated with our honors college are SHC, Atlas, and Springfield, but there are many others including a Newman THON team.
Greg Tallman, one of our students and chair of Atlas THON, with their sponsored child.

UPDATE: The Podcast is now available!

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