Why do people like the New Zealand Prayer Book?

F07B8804-02D7-4CF4-8FAC-69BE9B3E0C85.jpgThis is a genuine question. On various Episcopalian lists that I belong I regularly read of people excitedly reporting that they have just gotten the NZPB or that they are going to use it for this service or that. This past weekend we used it for compline and it was, well lame. Granted, this is only one small service out of the entire work, but tell me, if you like and/or use the NZPB, what is so good about it? To me it seems weenie-ish.

(This thought was spurned on by Jim’s post with Gerd Lüdemann’s version of the Lord’s Prayer based upon the NZPB, which I also find odd and not very good. At least as a rendering of the Lord’s Prayer.)

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