The Brothers Chat Again!

A little bit of fun from yesterday. My brother put it up first and his audio quality is better than mine, so I am using his file. Yes, that is his intro not mine. 🙂

The Brothers Chat Again!

My brother (the Targuman) and I have another chat. We briefly chat about the YouTube video that I blogged on previously, and then move on to talk about the Mac Air. As a starting point we talk about the critique that Paul Thurrott of the Windows Weekly podcast gives of the Mac Air, and then discuss the various ways we can define “High End.”

After that, we then move on to talk about Merlin Mann, and his photo with Dr Pepper.

Then–well, we talk about the NFL Films set-up starting one week ahead of time for the Super Bowl.

Then we end it where we started–with the YouTube video.

Enjoy our podcast!

The Prof

(Via The Professor’s Notes.)

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