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Dr. Who and Max Headroom – Taste Great Together!

I didn’t realize it was already 20 years! What is amazing is that he has never been caught. (Be sure to watch the CBS news clip to see their coverage of the story. One man said, “I got so upset I wanted to bust the TV set.” Now THAT is a Dr. Who fan who can give Dr. Goodacre a run for his money!)Max Headroom Video Hijacking – 20th Anniversary Watch the clip at Fuzzy […]

Christmas Greeting Competition

What would Christmas be without competition? When we were in NYC we saw and participated in Gap & Yahoo’s Christmas Greeting video. You can go online and vote for your favorite, unfortunately they do not offer any easy way to share (other than email) the video. So, if you have some time to kill and what to hear me say “two fuzzy balls”: Go to http://gaptidings.yahoo.com/ Click on “Search & Share” Select Event and Time: […]