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Just what I need…

Because I have such a hard time concentrating while reading. I am ADD, not ED. Honest. Biblioblogging Big Brother (AKA “Jim West’s Ticket to Purgatory”) Commercial: Attention- do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Do you find your performance lacking and your abilities in the art of amour wanting? Try the biblical cure- new “Goliath’s Beam,” an all natural male enhancement formula designed especially for biblical scholars. This wonderful formula allows you to concentrate on the […]

In and Out

Just a quick note to apologize for intermittent blogging and to say that I hope to be back in full swing soon. Last week really took a lot out of me, what with the Patriot Tour and then E’s trip down to New Orleans. Things are still going on with the House of Bishops and I hope to make some comments, but…well…there are only so many ways to say one is disappointed, and it doesn’t […]