Photo: Pre-Game

Blue PottyFor those just returning to Targuman, I haven’t completely changed modes of blogging, it is just that I received a new camera (Sony Alpha D100) and I have having a great time using it. To that end, I thought I would share my pictures with you all. The new version of MarsEdit has helped in this endeavor since it now has a great Media upload feature that connects to my Flickr account and allows me to select size and alignment for easy inclusion in my posts.

This morning I paused on my long commute to take a few shots. The two below are part of the pre-game set up in preparation for any and every home game at Penn State. Last weekend was Notre Dame, of course, and the second largest crowd of 110,000 (and some) were there. What amazes me is that each week they set it up, clean it up, break it down, and set it up again. On game day State College becomes the third largest city in PA.

Parking Lights

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