It worked!

Mack & CarolineThe wedding that is. It was a gorgeous affair, simply stunning. This was my “baby” brother-in-law (10 years my junior, I have known him since he was 13) and his beautiful bride. I was honored to be the officiant and it was just wonderful. The fireworks that the groom arranged to have go off just as he said, “so I tried to find someway to express my love…” was simply amazing. More than 10 minutes long, this was not a couple of guys with bottle rockets, but the full deal. These were the same folks who do “Red White & Boom!” To which, of course, every wife there turned to their husbands and said, “You never do anything like that for me!”

So here’s to the newlyweds! May God bless and keep them.

PS – The picture is not to scale. 😉 That is our son Mack and his cousin Caroline. Cute, aren’t they?

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