Official Opening of IOSOT

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Flickr MosaicThe last few days have been the IOTS (Targum Studies) and IOSCS (Septuagintal and Cognate Studies ) but tonight is the official opening of the IOSOT Conference. It is going to be quite the Do, with the Prime Minister of Slovenia giving a speech in the Cathdral Square.

It has been a very good time, although I admit that my feet are killing me! A lot of walking about. Last night a colleague invited me to dinner with a young Slovenian couple; the husband had gone to his (my colleague’s) college. It was a great and enlightening evening. Slovenia has the fastest growing economy in the EU and more heroin addicts per capita than any other nation. The young man (24 is the new 14!) is tremendous, very smart, superb English, and a former addict himself. He credits Christ for his “new life” and is incredibly enthusiastic. Just wonderful people.

After dinner we walked back into the city for some gelato (the little stands seem to be on every corner). The days have been VERY hot, in the high 80’s to low 90’s with no A/C in the lecture halls. So the evening stroll with a lovely breeze and 68 degrees was beautiful. At one bridge a group of buskers from France were playing klezmer music! A fun evening.

I have been playing with Flickr this morning, creating collections and mosaics like the one above. Please feel free to poke around my pictures and enjoy them!

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