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Wine, Wine, Wine

They might not like the Bible, but they can allude to it. The Chronicle: Daily News Blog: What’s in a Name? Iowa State Mulls a ‘Life-Skills Assistant,’ Not a Chaplain Iowa State University’s Athletics Council has approved a plan to hire a “volunteer life-skills assistant” to provide religious counseling to players on the football team, in a way that officials said differs from the work of a chaplain, the Iowa State Daily reported. An original […]

First iPhone Reviews

I promise I will not say much about the iPhone release, most of all because I am not going to be among the privileged few. 🙁 But WSJ and the NYTimes have already brought out their reviews. Some of the lauded Apple pundits dropping reviews today are Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal, who call the iPhone “a breakthrough handheld computer,” and New York Times columnist David Pogue, who says the […]