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Busy Time

I just thought I would let folks know that the slow down in posts is just due to the pesky real world® rearing its ugly head and keeping me from doing my usual online reading and commenting. We are nearing the end of the semester which means lots of board meetings, reunions, dinners, and appeals from students seeking various extensions and exceptions. Not to mention end of year reviews of staff, preparation for graduation (awards, […]

Pennsylvania Inside Out, Monday at 5:30pm on WPSU TV

UPDATE: The video is now available online.  Yesterday I was on a panel with Dr. Tuana for Pennsylvania Inside Out on WPSU TV. The show will air on Monday and is part of the series on Climate Change/Climate Justice. Be sure to tune in or make it part of your regular podcast downloads! Monday – April 23Very little has been done to address the ethical issues that would accompany climate change, which is largely fueled […]