Home At Last

The trip back this morning was uneventful until we got to the driveway. State College had about a foot of snow and of course our driveway wasn’t cleared. Driving in and into the garage wasn’t the problem. Getting out of the garage turned out to be the problem. A big one. This was a university rental car, a Chevy Impala (which, much to my surprise, I liked quite a bit for the trip; three! cigarette/power outlets and an aux jack for my iPod), and front-wheel drive that it is, it really didn’t like backing out of the garage. My PT Cruiser (granted, with traction control) had no such trouble and, needless to say, neither did my wife’s Honda Element. In the end a bit of shoveling and brute force got the job done and I was able to return the car. A LOT more brute force and the driveway was clear.

A side note: I also found the time today to put up the IKEA bookshelves in the basement and have all but 4 boxes of books unpacked! Now, just 6 more in my office.

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