The 15th Biblical Studies Carnival is up!

Thank you CH for a job very well done!

Biblical Studies Carnival XV, in Memory of Bruce Manning Metzger

Welcome to the fifteenth Biblical Studies Carnival. I am pleased to host the carnival on such an auspicious numeration (too bad it couldn’t be a multiple of 6, then I’d be really pleased). Thanks to all the contributers!

Biblical Studies Carnival XVI will be hosted by Brandon Wason over at Novum Testamentum in the first week of April 2007. Look for a call for submissions on his blog mid-month.

Note to the reader: Stay with me to the end, it’s worth it–I promise.

I would like to dedicate Biblical Studies Carnival XV to the dean of New Testament criticism, Bruce Manning Metzger. Evangelical Textual Criticism has links to several obituaries and Gordon Fee’s tribute. Metzger was a fine scholar and an even finer man. May we all learn from his life that lived out his teaching.


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