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Tornado Update

From EDOLA (Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana). Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:   Many of us awoke this day to learn of another tragedy in and around New Orleans – several tornados touched down around 2:30AM, causing damage ranging from moderate to severe in the areas of the Westbank, Carrollton, and Gentilly. Many others were awakened in the middle of the night by the storm itself, forced to find shelter and safety where possible.  Our […]

Tornado hits NOLA

As if they needed more hardship. Please continue to keep this region in your prayers. Also, as much as I am looking forward to a snow day, I know that it can be as deadly as any other storm. Power outages are apparently common around here in the winter. NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — A possible tornado damaged parts of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and surrounding businesses in pre-dawn hours Thursday in suburban […]