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More On Google – Who is #1? Yahoo, that’s who!

In keeping with our earlier post about Googlebombing, I thought readers might find this interesting. (Via Slashdot.) Why “Yahoo” Is The #1 Search Term On Google An anonymous reader writes “Google Trends indicates that over the course of the past year the search term “Yahoo” became more popular than “sex”, making it the #1 query on Google. Yahoo apparently faces a similar dilemma with roles reversed: When you search for “Google” on Yahoo, Yahoo thoughtfully […]

SuperBowl in Perspective

Michael Smith of ESPN.com says we ought to Judge Smith, Dungy by character, not color While it is important that these are the first African-American coaches to make it to the SuperBowl he asks, So, then, why are we wasting so much (air) time talking about the colors of these men’s skin? I’ve been guilty of it for six paragraphs, but no more. It distracts us from what’s really important: what’s inside these men. And, […]