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What would Gene Do?

Chris Evans, Radio 2 maven and very funny man: LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE Oh how true… I’m currently reading Gene Wilder’s autobiography, it’s extremely funny. He always wanted to be a comedian and so far is the only person I have read who has come close to explaining to me why and how. I’d just finished reading for half an hour yesterday afternoon and then I went to the gym. When the days and the […]

The Chronicle: 1/19/2007: Why Can’t We Discuss Intelligent Design?

J. Scott Turner comments on why academe ought to allow questions about “design” in nature. A few good quotes: I wonder, for example, what demon had gripped a past president of Cornell University when he singled out intelligent design as a unique threat to academic and civil discourse. Aren’t universities supposed to be a place for dangerous ideas? Also amusing is the spectacle of independent-minded scientists’ running to college administrators or the courts for help […]