“The House God” by Eebs

My wife Elizabeth recently posted one of her early short stories. I think folks who stop by here might like it.
“The House God” From her blog:

I have decided to share the aforementioned short story, “The House God.” You can find it here or using the tab at the top of the site. Let me know what you think! A sample:

I watched Oyimbo, the peeled one, lying under her mosquito net from the rafter in my sacred corner. She was writing in her red book by flashlight as she did every night since she arrived in my house. I did not mind sharing my house with her until nighttime when her eyelids slid shut, her mouth inched open, and the pig came out.

As I watched her close the red book and shut off her flashlight I tensed knowing the pig would be out soon. I had not had a peaceful night since her arrival. As the god of this dwelling it was my responsibility to maintain peace. I made up my mind: I would make myself visible and visit Oyimbo tonight to ask her to please keep her pig inside when she slept.

I left my rafter and made myself into the shape of a human; a strong man of the Gourma tribe, the tribe that had inhabited this part of Africa for centuries. I climbed on top of her like a husband on a wife and waited for the pig. Her mouth opened and her breath warmed my face.

Read more here!

(Via The Unlikely Missionary.)

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