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“Christianity: You’re Soaking in It”

I am not sure how I missed This article at Inside Higher Ed from Nov. 2, but it is great! Not only do I (more or less) agree with what he says, it is very witty and has some of the best one liners. He begins: Inside Higher Ed’s recent article on the prevalence of religion on campus came as no surprise to me. Although it has been about a month since the article came […]

Random Notes from 36,000 ft.

We are about an hour out of San Francisco now and I have read an article, watched a movie (Little Miss Sunshine), listened to several podcasts, and watched (on the iPod) the Battelstar Galactica primer that was (is?) a free download from iTunes Store. A few stray and random thoughts have occurred to me along the way and I thought I would mimic one of our Scholars, Adam, and make a list for you. “A […]