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The New Yorker Review: “Everything Bad I Good for You”

I have not yet read this and the review is old, but I read it in a doctor’s office (of course) and I am intrigued. Read the review and let me know if you are going to read the book. (I have ordered it.) Or if you have read it, give us your impressions. A quote from the review (I am not sure why random letters are omitted, but you get the gist): It doesn’t […]

Scent of father checks daughter’s maturity

Penn State Live This is too strange, but as a father of a daughter it makes me want to hug my daughter more and that’s got to be good. 🙂 Monday, September 11, 2006 Altoona, Pa. — Chemical cues from fathers may be delaying the onset of sexual maturity in daughters, as part of an evolutionary strategy to prevent inbreeding, according to researchers at Penn State. “Biological fathers send out inhibitory chemical signals to their […]