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Cricket and the DSS

I have not followed cricket since we left England so I was surprised when my Google alert of “Dead Sea Scrolls” found this article. Guardian Unlimited Sport | Cricket | Murali gives umpire Hair no chance to poop his party. The key quote: What a mesmerising performance from Murali on Monday, though, and not just from the viewpoint of England batsmen who would have had more success reading the Dead Sea Scrolls. Every ball was […]


Mark Cuban, tech guy and owner of the NBA Mavericks blogs during they first (EVER!) NBA final. Wow How are we ahead ? We have not played well at all. we took advantage of some mistakes, they made, but we need to push the ball more and take it stronger to the hoop. Which is what I know Avery is telling the guys right now. Lets hope we can play better in the 2nd half. […]