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Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduate College

Yesterday the Board approved a plan for preserving the name and legacies of Tulane and Newcomb Colleges. As Tulane University implements its Renewal Plan in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Board of Tulane approved a sweeping set of recommendations on Thursday (March 16) to preserve some of the university’s most time-honored traditions. It renewed its historic ties to Paul Tulane and H. Sophie Newcomb by naming the university’s new undergraduate college the Newcomb-Tulane College. […]

Math Professor Wins a Coveted Religion Award – New York Times

Not quite Intelligent Design(?): Science and religion come together again. Dr. Barrow, 53, a mathematical sciences professor at the University of Cambridge, is best known for his work on the anthropic principle, which has been the subject of debate in physics circles in recent years. Life as we know it would be impossible, he and others have pointed out, if certain constants of nature %u2014 numbers denoting the relative strengths of fundamental forces and masses […]

Madonna gets sexy for religious party

Tradition says that on Purim the world is turned upside down, but perhaps Madonna dressing up as a tart is just a little too normal… Madonna turned heads dressed as a sexy French maid at a fancy dress Kabbalah party. The Hung Up singer was accompanied to the bash, held to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim, by husband Guy Ritchie who was wearing a Native American outfit – complete with a long black wig. […]