Bart Ehrman on The Daily Show 1

The Daily Show just had Bart Ehrman on discussing his book Misquoting Jesus. “One helluva a good book,” said host John Stewart. For those not familiar with the program it is a “fake news show” that I find very funny, acerbic, and often interesting.

Tonight an important question was raised in my mind: Is his name pronounced Er-Man (as John Stewart said) or Air-Man (as I had always assumed)?


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One thought on “Bart Ehrman on The Daily Show

  • Vince

    I have heard both. It is pronounced “Air-Man” on the lectures that he does for the teaching company. Since He probably was able to make sure they got it right, I would think that is how to say it. However, I did not realize that Stewart pronounced it “Er-man” huh. . .