Apple’s Upgraded iLife Has Benefits, but It’s No Bargain

So says Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post. My copy shipped last week and has not yet arrived so I cannot tell you how accurate his review is. I did see it in action last week in a friend’s office. The two main benefits (in my mind) are iWeb (and its integration with the other apps, if it works, look for a move of this blog!) and improvements to iPhoto.

Rob’s main complaint is that Apple is charging for annual updates. It is $79 for most users, but I receive an educational discount ($59, iirc). I am not a fan of the program either (especially after the whole package, including .Mac started out free!) but I think it is quibbling in this case. This upgrade includes a completely new program, iWeb, and significant improvements to GarageBand and iPhoto. That is 5 programs for under $80. Not a bad deal imho. Especially since they are all integrated so well.

My primary concern: I am not using .Mac anymore and Rob’s comments about photo sharing and RSS may indicate limited use. I hope not. But if all works well, look for a new site some time next week!

MACWORLD’s review is here.

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