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Gen. 3.6 – Targumim

(The targum texts here are from the Accordance modules, which were built upon the CAL texts.) The targumic versions of our verse under consideration do not show much interest in the question of how (or if) to render עִמָּ֖הּ. MT: Gen. 3.6 :ותרא האשה כי טוב העץ למאכל וכי תאוה הוא לעינים ונחמד העץ להשכיל ותקח מפריו ותאכל ותתן גם לאישה עמה ויאכל Onk: Gen. 3.6 6 וחזת איתתא ארי טב אילנא למיכל וארי אסו […]

SuperBowl Commercials

Jimmy Johnson, creator of Arlo and Janis one of my daily comic reads critiques the Toyota Takoma ad as one of the most insensitive (“dumb”) ads given the recent events here in the Gulf South. I have to agree. Those of us watching it thought it was rather lame, to say the least. That being said, there were very few worthy of comment. But I will anyway. My picks for the best: “FedEx cave Man” […]