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“Learn to be a serf”

Dr. Boli is really a must read blog. It is well worth putting on your blog roll (or your bog roll, depending upon where you do most of your reading, I suppose). This is another fine example: (The author, I am told on good authority, is Christopher Bailey, coauthor of The Grail Code, so someone perhaps not unknown to the content of the world of biblicablogs.)  

Bono & CS Lewis

Since this is all promotional I do not think Bruce Edwards will mind my reposting this. From Further Up & Further In. Coming May 13-15, 2009, NYC will be the grand venue for a terrific academic conference sponsored by Cedarville University focused on the music, work and influence of U2: U2: The Hype and the Feedback. (You may have noticed the info box on the right menu that has been posted since October.) Registration info […]