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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-28

Now…to the business at hand. Writing an article and editing a podcast. # One podcast down! Going up on http://targuman.org/blog/ in 30. # Ihnatko in a tub. More than I needed to see. Excuse me while I try and cleanse my eyes with bleach. http://tinyurl.com/2yxqca # Super Bowl week: grown adults spending hours on TV saying Mighty Mouse could take Aquaman. (The 70’s Steelers would SO beat the Pats!) # @marsedit – Ja, ganz gut! […]

Good service…

…is hard to find. This weekend was blank, as far as blogging was concerned, because I took the fam down to DC on Friday for a very special evening. The kids were with my folks and E and I attended a birthday dinner. The quests included a certain man with whom I would not choose to go duck hunting. It was a very nice evening. We stayed in the Willard Hotel, the same hotel where […]

Podcast: Aramaic Studies 2007

A timely email from Matthew Collins last week reminded me that I had forgotten to edit and upload the recordings I made of our Aramaic Studies session at SBL. The audio quality of some papers is less than ideal since the mic wasn’t as close as it should have been (I thought it had greater range than it did) and the batteries ran out (I am just stupid, I should have brought the AC adapter). […]

Day o’ Blasphemy

All I can say is, Jim started it. Jehovah’s Halibut “All I said … was, ‘That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah.’ ” Unfortunately, Matthias was stoned for saying it. But now, you can wear the saying–without fear of stoning–on a t-shirt, or display it on your coffee-mug … in BIBLICAL HEBREW. Could you ever possibly wish for anything more? Sweet huh?  With thanks to Jane Peters for pointing it out to me.  […]