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“What is a biblioblog”?

April DeConick has a post with that title, What is a biblioblog and who is a biblioblogger? and I think it deserves a response. She said, I have been thinking about this question for a couple of days now as I have been working to clean up my sidebar and going back through the year looking over other people’s blog templates and older posts, including carnivals. Since I am especially attuned to the issues of […]

Newsgator turns NetNewsWire free for everyone

I will say that I paid for the newsreader months ago and do not regret it. I don’t know what the Windows client is like, but the Mac version is great, so grab it now! Newsgator turns NetNewsWire free for everyone Filed under: Software, Cool tools, Freeware Wow. I don’t know who hadn’t bought NetNewsWire yet, but if you haven’t, consider your wait vindicated: most of Newsgator’s products, including NNW, Newsgator Online, and FeedDemon (the […]

“The Naked Campaign”

The Naked Campaign: Political cartoonist draws and discusses candidates and the campaigns. Well worth a few minutes of your time. A series of short videos featuring the illustrator Steve Brodner as he draws the Presidential candidates and discusses the race for the White House. The videos are directed by Gail Levin, with animation by Asterisk and camera by Ben Shapiro. See, in particular, his Obama video. His take on Iowa focuses on religion and its […]

The US Elections: Why Iowa and New Hampshire Do and Do Not Matter

I have been having a good discussion with an old high school friend through his blog “Pressing the Flesh” (the name comes, so I am told, from a play he produced a year or so ago). In that post he muses on the dramatic turn of events, post Iowa, that showed Obama in such a commanding lead. Hillary, the presumptive nominee, had been displaced by the new presumptive nominee. He concluded, True… it’s still too […]

Photo: Rainbow

We have a wind advisory currently in central PA. This morning Christmas trees set by the side of the road for pick up are being flung across streets and yards like tumbleweeds. There are also scattered showers bringing us this rainbow. I was not able to get a great angle, but it is pretty nonetheless. The best part? Our soon to be 4 year old son, when show the rainbow, said, “I didn’t know rainbows […]