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Parable: A New Biblical-ish Comic

I am going to try and make this a quick post, but there are several cool things that this artist has led me to… So first of all Mike Maihack is the artist of Cow & Buffalo a very groovy comic. Well worth bookmarking for a regular read. C&B is, in turn, part of a larger consortium of comics/artists called “Lunchbox Funnies.” Again, book mark each of them as well (if you are reading this […]

More Jesus Kitsch

I need to get back to work, but I cannot pass up, passing along and directing you to Scott Bailey’s site and his rundown of some new Jesus Joy: The Fashion of the Christ On the website Ship of Fools I was introduced to a new line of Jesus action figures by We are Fishermen. The Fishermen site is very well done, and it seems that the merchandise they produce is quality as well. According […]

It’s SHOtime!

This week is orientation at the Schreyer Honors College at PSU. Students will arrive on Wed with our big, first-ever “First Night with the Dean” that evening. It should be a hoot (it will be a late-night format with yours truly hosting) and there are a lot of great events throughout the week. I will be recording the First Night (I hope) so a podcast version of it will hopefully be up shortly after Wed […]