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New Fantasy/Gaming Comic

Remember Asterix and Obelix? Of course you do, I learned most of my German from that dynamic duo. Do you play World of Warcraft or DandD? Well neither do I, but do you enjoy fantasy? Well, I have just found a very funny new web comic that reminds me of A&O. Check out Looking for Group. There are only 16 episodes so far, but very funny, in a dark sort of way. Ok, just dark. […]

Dinasour farts – From the Chronicle of Higher Education!

I had to post this, just for the reference to toots. House hearing on global warming features politics, research, and flatulent dinosaurs Members of Congress who bring dinosaur flatulence into a debate over climate change tread on dangerous territory, given their own reputations for producing hot air. (Via Chronicle.com – Today’s News.)