Targum Ruth

Targum Ruth 2:4

Targum Ruth 2:4


The book is now in print! Look for it at this year’s SBL conference. The Proselyte and the Prophet: Character Development in Targum Ruth can be ordered it at Brill’s site.

The first review came out in August of 2018 on Reading Religion, by Steven Fassberg.

My next book project is on Targum Ruth. As I begin to work my way through the text and issues I will post material here. You can navigate to my translation and images of the Solger manuscript using the links in the drop down menu above. The oldest known MS is Valmadonna 1 and my transcription and translation are based upon that MS.


My translation can be found here, on this site.
Samson H. Levey’s translation can be found here, at the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies at Targum.info.

Solger MS Images
Images of TgRuth from the Solger MS are available here.

Book Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Transcription of Valmadonna No. 1 & Translation
  3. Exegetical Commentary
  4. Analysis
    1. Naomi
    2. Ruth
    3. Targumic Ruth
      1. Practically Perfect Proselyte
      2. The Last Deed is Better than the First
      3. Mother of the Messiah
    4. Boaz
    5. Targumic Boaz
      1. Ibzan the Righteous
      2. Boaz the Pious
      3. Rabbinic Exemplar
  5. Conclusion

Word Cloud

This is more for curiosity’s sake than anything else, but creating a word cloud via Wordle offers an interesting visual look at the content (in English) of TgRuth.