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Review of My Book – SBL Reviews

The SBL Book Review email arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to see a review of my book, The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations, by my friend Jan-Wim Wesselius. The review can be found here. It is a very positive and friendly review. I just want to make a couple of comments that I hope are not too defensive. JWW suggests that I could have elaborated more on “the literary nature and contents” of what I […]

McKnight on “Five Streams of the Emerging Church”

Scot McKnight (of Jesus Creed, a blog well worth including in your newsreader) has a great article at CT Online Five Streams of the Emerging Church It is said that emerging Christians confess their faith like mainliners—meaning they say things publicly they don’t really believe. They drink like Southern Baptists—meaning, to adapt some words from Mark Twain, they are teetotalers when it is judicious. They talk like Catholics—meaning they cuss and use naughty words. They […]

His Hope Our Responsibility

Today we remember MLK and his great contributions to our society and world. I was honored to be asked to speak at the PSU service later today. My remarks are below. After having spent the last several weeks reading Dr. King’s sermons I am keenly aware of how limited and poor my own sermons and speeches are. His work remains for us to continue; there is still much to be done. “Go and do likewise.” […]

Should we trust Google?

UPDATE: A number of people are coming here from Google’s own blog entry on this topic (which I just realized dates from 9/16/2005!). Let me summarize my point in a single sentence. Since Google will not remove Google bombs they are undermining their usefulness and objectivity as a search engine. Talk about convergence. Last week a number of blogs noted that searching Google for “failure” brings up the President’s webpage at the White House site. […]

The Five Scrolls in the RCL and BCP

Or not… I am working on a book proposal for an Anglican publisher that will offer a study of the Megillot, or “Five Scrolls.” This canonical division is, as most of you know, Jewish not Christian, but there are good reason, IMHO, for dealing with them together. So in writing my proposal it occurred to me to check and see how often these texts are read in either the Book of Common Prayer’s lectionary or […]

Holiday List

From a listserv to which I subscribe. I thought some might find it fun to play along. 1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? HC; I like eggnog but hot chocolate is soothing to me. 2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? He wraps them now, but when I was a kid he set them on either side of the fireplace (I have one brother, we each had our own side). […]

Books from SBL

I am fortunate that although I have less time for research due to my administrative duties I do have a research budget. Thus…books! (The average 45% SBL conference discount helped.) A quick list: Conversations with Scripture: The Law, by (our own bibliobloger!) Kevin Wilson. This series of the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars looks very interesting. Thanks for putting me on to it Kevin! The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader (Vol 1-6), by Parry and Tov […]

Teaching the BIble as Literature, as the Faithful

In comments on Stephen Cook’s post I asserted that scholars outside of the field of biblical literature proper (e.g., English faculty who teach “The Bible as Literature”) often deal with what Stephen referred to as “the white elephant in the room: Scripture by its nature is all about claims to suprahistorical truth.” It so happens that last night I read an article by a colleague from PSU-Lehigh Valley, Margaret Christian. She is an Associate Professor […]

Teaching the Bible, Reading Theology

There have been ongoing discussions about teaching the Bible in a secular context, partly due to the new session at SBL in which I am contributing a paper, but in the biblioblogsphere more due to Kevin Wilson’s discussions on Blue Cord. (Kevin has a whole series of posts, so be sure to follow them all.) There are two new additions to this conversation that Stephen Cook pointed out in today’s post. This latest conversation has […]

The Dude is Remembering the Saints

My wife blogged Cathleen Falsani’s recent post. Falsani has a great blog and is an excellent writer in her own right. She is the author of The God Factor. From her interview with Thomas Craughwell, author of Saints Behaving Badly: In honor of All Saints Day next week, I intend to hoist a couple dozen stiff drinks, start a bar brawl, sucker-punch a co-worker, walk around the neighborhood nude and maybe rob a bank. What? […]