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10-20-30 Meme

I supposed I could be annoyed, but truth be told, I am glad that Jim thought to remember annoy me. So, the meme seems to be, what were you doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Time to show our age… 10 years ago we were eagerly anticipating the birth of our daughter, already a week over due. it would be another TWO weeks before she arrived (courtesy of the surgeon after two sets of […]

Settling into Slovenia and IOTS Abstracts

Well after a delayed flight I arrived in the capital of Slovenia, safe and sound. The room is very nice at Hotel Lev and I am settling in to finish my paper (with my socks and “things” hanging to dry in the bathroom; they wanted €2,80 to wash a pair of socks!). I have been hunting on Google maps to see where our conference will be. Why the first listed hotel, the one I choose, […]

IOTS Paper – “Eschatological Lists” in TgMeg

Here is the abstract for my IOTS paper: The Use of “Eschatological Lists” within the Targumim to the Megillot. Several of the targumim to the Megillot contain lists (songs, famines, kings, etc.) that culminate in the future or messianic era. For example, TgSS opens with the list of Ten Songs and TgRuth opens with the list of Ten Famines. Such lists are well known from other midrashic texts and this paper will consider how and […]

Secularization Theory- “The Price of Faith”

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Magazine & journal reader has an interesting post/tease about an article by Rachel McCleary in The Review of Faith & International Affairs. She suggests that the “Secularization Theory” that for over a century has argued that an increase in economic development leads to a decrease in religious beliefs (e.g., western Europe), while still widely assumed to be true, does not match up with reality. The relationship between religion and economics […]

Climate Change & Religion OpEd

Well, it was really more of a glorified press release. The Centre Daily Times asked me to write up 600 words for today’s OpEd page and they ran it with a sidebar giving the details of the panel. There has been a small conversation about this panel over on the Engage.SHC site some of you all might be interested in as well. My basic premise, in those comments and for this panel, is that the […]

Rock Ethics Institute – Climate Change

I will be moderating a panel discussion in two weeks on the biblical creation narratives and climate change. It is part of a series by PSU’s Rock Ethics Institute: Rock Ethics Institute – Climate Change. It should be a good series. It will be focused primarily upon Christian interpretations, which is unfortunate, but it is Pesach which makes it impossible for our local rabbi to attend. If you are in the area, please come by! […]

King’s X Redux

It is nearly 1 am and I am trying to write up some responses for a video interview. *ugh* But I am keeping up the juices with some good ol’ King’s X! Man, I have not listened to this in a LONG time. For those not in the know, this group was very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were out of Houston and the members were/are Christians. (Some notes on that […]

Characters of God – A Work in Progress

I have been debating about sharing work in progress on the blog. A group of us discussed it at this year’s SBL (podcast here) and most seemed to feel that publishers wouldn’t mind at that it would be a good way to get feedback from others in the field. So today I will take the plunge. I think my plan will be to publish a portion each weekend, not too long to be onerous on […]

Ehrman @ PSU

Last night Bart Ehrman gave the Luther H. Harshbarger Lecture in memorium Bill Petersen. It was very nice to hear his lecture in person and I had a chance to have a drink with him after the talk. But I thought Targumistas might like a short review/commentary on the talk. The talk was a summary of his Misquoting Jesus retitled in honor of Bill Petersen, Lost in Transmission. (This was also Ehrman’s preferred title. The […]

Bridge to Terabithia: Chattaway’s interview with Paterson

I loved Bridge to Terabithia when I read it in elementary school, but I never want to read it again. If you don’t know the ending, I won’t spoil it for you, but I cried, oh man did I cry. That isn’t exactly going to endear a boy to other 4th grade boys. Now a movie is out and it is getting great reviews. In fact, I don’t want to see the movie either, but […]