The Ash Wednesday of Democracy

Look at me! I did the very minimum required to participate in our democracy! Wear your sticker with pride.  


Forget about Jesus’ wife, let’s talk about his color 1

 … and which candidate is more like JC. (BTW there are very real and interesting historical questions about Jesus’ ethnicity that are usually very poorly handled. This story is actually about modern social issues and contemporary politics.) I like the contrast put forward: Less remarked are the differences in how the color of Christ pertains […]

What is a “Fair Share”? 4

What is “fair”? This post is not about “the Buffet rule,” but it is. That is to say, the proposal itself is obviously fairly complex and I think does deserve consideration (but Annenberg has found that this argument is fundamentally flawed in that “— on average — high-income taxpayers pay higher rates than those in the middle, […]

by Chuck Asay - Not sure I agree with or even get at what he is saying here, but given the theme I thought it was worth adding.

Cargill asks where is “Occupy” going?

My friend and colleague has a very astute discussion of the OWS movement where and how it has lost its way in his view. Dr. Cargill is an archaeologist and biblical scholar who is also a technologist at the University of Iowa. He focuses in on the fact that the OWS has now moved away […]

Is academia biased? 3

Today’s NYTimes has an excellent article about a paper presented at a social psychology conference that brings to the fore something that many have said many times before. Social Scientist Sees Bias Within The argument is fairly simple, academics tend to fight vigorously against bias, racism, and discrimination…except where it concerns conservative social or political […]

What’s a little (blood) libel among friends? 5

By now you have no doubt heard about Sarah Palin’s comments in the wake of the Arizona shootings. A little background is that Ms. Palin’s political action committee website had a map of the use with sniper scope images over certain districts, including Arizona, that they were “targeting” in the election. Many, on both sides […]

What would you put on a roof? 6

The Jerusalem Post (in a section that is in this instance oddly titled “Iranian Threat”) reports that Google Earth images reveal that the Iran Air headquarters has a Star of David on its roof. The building was built prior to the revolution by Israeli engineers and the Jewish symbol has gone unnoticed for over 30 […]

Photo by: Google Earth

Civil rights or freedom of religion issue?

I am just not sure what to make of this. I am strongly in support of civil rights and equality and against discrimination but this… Well, you tell me, what do you think? A civil rights complaint has been filed against a woman in Grand Rapids, Mich., who posted an advertisement at her church last […]

Really? “Atheists Using Hair Dryers to ‘De-Baptize'” 6

I suppose one’s symbolism is as good as another’s but still, this strikes me as a bit silly. (It is better than what I thought when I read the headline, however, which was that they were standing outside of services and “drying” people off as they left the church.) U.S. Atheists Reportedly Using Hair Dryers […]

SBL – What’s Old is New

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.” Eccl. 1:9 (NRSV) Today SBL members (and no doubt AAR members, but I dropped that membership a few years ago…) received a letter announcing that the old order shall be reestablished! I am […]