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Mac OS 10.5.3 and Spaces

When Leopard came out I was very excited about Spaces, but realized fairly soon that it was more trouble than it was worth. I turned it off. The recent Mac OS update brings some improvements and John Gruber of Daring Fireball has reported a key advance in Spaces. I haven’t had time to turn it […]

Update to Nisus Writer Pro

I have mentioned before that I have used Nisus Writer for years (my doctoral thesis and book were written in it). Although I still use Word for collaborative projects, to make sure comments can be read, etc. I love NWP, use it, and support it whenever I can. (It has support for right to left […]

Turn your MacBook into an Earthquake Sensor 1

From The Wired Campus If Monday’s earthquake in China has sparked an interest in seismology, and you happen to own a Mac laptop, you can transform your computer into your own personal seismic station. A free program from SeisMac takes advantage of the acceleration sensor inside you computer to register when it gets the shakes. […]

Update for Mac Office 2008 1

Mac Office 2008 SP1 It’s finally here! The MacBU has just released Service Pack 1 for Mac Office 2008. You can download the update directly from the Mactopia website (it’s large — about 180 MB), or launch your favorite Office app and select Help/Check for Updates. There are well over 1000 fixes and improvements in […]

Warning: Dangerous Site (and why, for the time being, the Mac OS is more secure) 1

For quite some time now I have had “robots” mining my posts and putting them on their “blogs” resulting in pingback in my posts. Most of these are just intended to generate traffic back to their sites. Lately there have been some from a site of various names, but if the pinback is followed, looks […]


FlockdUp! 3

SXSW: 7 Fake Startups Compete for ‘Worst Website Ever’ | The Underwire from Wired.com AUSTIN, Texas — As dedicated readers of the most popular business blogs are well aware, the web is positively awash in terrible ideas for startups. So many, in fact, that Waxy.org’s Andy Baio was inspired to create a contest to see […]

Bluecord.org Hacked! & Back! 2

UPDATE: See Kevin’s comment below. Kevin texted me yesterday to say that his blog and entire site have been hacked and are down. If you go to it now a text file downloads automatically. I did the foolish thing of opening (just for you gentle readers) and it seems to be the basic php script […]