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Using Dropbox for Word Editing on iPad (or, living without Quickoffice and using Pages) 7

UPDATE: Nearly a year later and iOS 8 is out. Lots of changes including some Pages integration with Dropbox. I think it is just a handoff at saving (the finish product, presumably) rather than live saving, but I will have to explore more. As I noted last week Google’s loving update of QuickofficeHD has removed the connectivity with […]

Selecting Dropbox as your app.

Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion. So what?

Today I posted two articles on Sacred Techs about Apple’s update to their Mac operating system. In the first post I review the new features coming this summer with the release of Mountain Lion. In the second I consider whether this signals a significant shift in Apple’s approach to desktop computing. If you are interested […]


Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Those who know me, follow this blog, or even visit my office know that I have used Apple products for quite some time. Even in those dark years when Steve Jobs was not at the helm I used Apple products, mostly because they were still the easiest and best machine for me to use (particularly […]