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UPDATE: Using Dropbox for Word Editing on iPad (or, living without Quickoffice and using Pages) 7

UPDATE 2: Now (November 2014) Microsoft has not only made Office apps available for the iPad, but they have now made them free to use once you register for a free MS account.1 Just add your Dropbox (or OneDrive) account to the account and away you go! So it has taken several years, but here you […]

Selecting Dropbox as your app.

Apple Health

When is “Health” bad for you?

When it is an app in iOS 8 apparently. I was skeptical when I first read the title of this article: “The New Health App on Apple’s iOS 8 is Literally Dangerous.” I was ready to pass right over it and move on, but then I realized the author had an excellent point. The simple fact […]

iOS 7 Keyboard Tips 3

I wrote over two years ago about the lack of Bluetooth keyboard support in iOS. Specifically, it just makes no sense to me that Apple should give us some key commands, but not the most basic and useful in Mail. I stumbled across an article from Tao of Mac which points out that while there […]



Sente Review: Bibliographic software for the Mac & iPad 29

This is a repost from January 14, 2011. I had thought about doing a new post, but it is still relevant and came up in my conversation with our new Tombros Librarian Chuck Jones and CLA associate dean Christopher Long. I still find Sente to be most useful for me and their new Sync2 has […]

Sacred Techs Podcast: My office 1

Office, a set on Flickr. I posted a short little podcast at SacredTechs.com. I recently recorded a podcast for the SHC with Dan Veltri, co-founder of Weebly.com. He noticed I had a few old Apple machines in my office. Like this:Like Loading…


Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion. So what?

Today I posted two articles on Sacred Techs about Apple’s update to their Mac operating system. In the first post I review the new features coming this summer with the release of Mountain Lion. In the second I consider whether this signals a significant shift in Apple’s approach to desktop computing. If you are interested […]

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Those who know me, follow this blog, or even visit my office know that I have used Apple products for quite some time. Even in those dark years when Steve Jobs was not at the helm I used Apple products, mostly because they were still the easiest and best machine for me to use (particularly […]

My PowerBook 140

The aforementioned machine. Like this:Like Loading…

PowerBook 145B v. MacBook Air 1

This story from TUAW caught my eye because I wrote most of my doctoral thesis on a PB 140. The hard drive is now corrupt but it still sits in pride of place in my office. Like this:Like Loading…

Hebrew coming to the iPad

Thanks to @Josh_Hepworth I now know that Apple has announced that Hebrew support will be included in the iOS 4.2 update. http://www.apple.com/ipad/software-update/ Like this:Like Loading…