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SOPA and PIPA: Just say no.

No, not Pippa, but PIPA, PROTECT IP Act.((Which itself is also an acronym: “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (PROTECT IP) Act.”)) You may have noticed (assuming you have actually come through to this page) that my site has an initial page today protesting SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy […]

Praying in Public Banned in Paris

This is cross posted from my PLA blog. This post is intended to spur on discussion. The blog posts that our students are required by assignment must be longer and contain their own argument and perspective.  The new law, reported by the Telegraph, is apparently being introduced because thousands of Muslims are praying in the streets, […]

Hateful Speech 7

Jim West has a couple of posts today regarding free speech. The first was his post regarding the Supreme Courts ruling regarding the Westboro church. Appalling: The Supreme Court Sides with Westboro Baptist… Disgusting.  Freedom of speech should never trump what’s morally right.  Never.  The Court blew it yet again. (Christian Salafia agrees with him […]

Is academia biased? 3

Today’s NYTimes has an excellent article about a paper presented at a social psychology conference that brings to the fore something that many have said many times before. Social Scientist Sees Bias Within The argument is fairly simple, academics tend to fight vigorously against bias, racism, and discrimination…except where it concerns conservative social or political […]

What’s a little (blood) libel among friends? 5

By now you have no doubt heard about Sarah Palin’s comments in the wake of the Arizona shootings. A little background is that Ms. Palin’s political action committee website had a map of the use with sniper scope images over certain districts, including Arizona, that they were “targeting” in the election. Many, on both sides […]