It is not just the Episcopal Church

I have been following, as many even outside of the religious world or biblioblogosphere have, the coverage of the Episcopal Church General Convention. I have not and will not comment on it. The whole situation with the ECUSA (sorry, TEC), is simply sad beyond words. I will, however, pass along this article. It is an […]

Is the sun rising or setting? (And in this case, it is the moon...)


In Pennsylvania it’s the year of the Bible 3

I guess I have been a little more absorbed in Penn State matters than I realized, because somehow I missed this little tidbit. On January 24 our General Assembly unanimously passed House Resolution 535 declaring this year the “Year of the Bible” in PA. Needless to say, atheists reacted. This evening I received the letter […]

Happy Reformation Day 2

While there are some Episcopal priests who inexplicably insist that the Anglican tradition and the Episcopal Church are not part of the reformed tradition, it is undoubtedly true. So I wish you all a happy Reformation Day. (Ironically, at least as I encounter the colleagues I mentioned in the first sentence, I never knew of […]


“With a wospel in our Gospel” Seuss Eucharist comes to our church

I did not realize until I performed a quick Google search that this “liturgy” had actually been used (and commented upon) already. I arrived at church yesterday morning to find that we had two Eucharistic services scheduled, a traditional in the sanctuary and a “Seuss Eucharist” in the church hall. All summer long our children’s […]

This is the Christmas season 1

We often forget that the past weeks have not been the Christmas season, rather the liturgical season begins with Christmas. I have some friends who follow the tradition of not putting up their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. My kids would never go for that but we do follow Advent with Christmas and Epiphany. As […]

The origins of mercy & God’s justice 3

This morning was a short homily due to other items in the service. As you may be able to guess Gen. 1-3 has been on my mind lately so I took a bit of a liberty to bring it in to the lectionary for today. If you are patient you will find I offer an […]

Scholarships from the Episcopal Church

My Bishop’s office sent out the following notice. Anything that can help support students and defray the extreme costs of education deserve to be widely publicized. Please feel free to share. Application process now open For scholarships from The Episcopal Church Deadline is October 15 [August 17, 2010] Applications are now being accepted for the […]

H1N1 Eucharist 3

We had a meeting of our local Episcopal clergy which of course meant that I picked up some very funny YouTube links. This one is particularly amusing since we now have orders not to allow intinction.  

Jesus was an Episcopalian?! 3

I saw this book, Jesus Was An Episcopalian (And You Can Be One Too!): A Newcomer’s Guide to the Episcopal Church, referenced on a listserv and while I am an Episcopalian I am certain that Jesus was not. This is the sort of thing that makes me so frustrated with our church and reminds me […]


The example of David, good or bad? 2

Last Sunday I was the guest preacher/celebrant at a nearby parish and had the chance the preach on David. As many of you know, he is one of my favorite biblical figures, but not always for the reasons people expect. The Revised Common Lectionary this summer has been following the story of David through Samuel […]