Tech or religion blogger? 1

If you went by frequency and topic of posts you might be forgiven for supposing that my area of expertise was biblical and rabbinic literature. But if you go by the WordPress site statistics, the posts that get the most attention would suggest I am a tech blogger. And to that I say, “Yes.”

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Biblioblog Podcast in action.

SBLAARggers Get Together 4

Brian LePort is trying to organize our annual conference gathering of bibliobloggers. After a false start in naming convention, he asks that we all take his survey to determine the best time for SBLAARggers to gather. Who knows, perhaps I might even break out the mics again for a podcast!

Sacred Techs is up!

I am very pleased to announce that the first post and podcast of Sacred Techs are now up! (The podcast is even available via iTunes.) This site is a collaboration between myself and Dr. Robert Cargill. We describe the site as, “posts and podcasts relevant to the study of things ancient using things very modern.” With […]

Eighth Annual Ralphies are up!

My friend and colleague Ed Cook is the author of Ralph the Sacred River and the Eighth Annual Ralphies are up! Go and see what his picks for books, music, and movies are this year. As usual, I do not feel that I have much to offer in terms of top reading, listening, and viewing, but I will give it […]

To blog or not to blog

Is not really a question. I will blog, but on what and how frequently? Right now my schedule is ridiculously busy with my job (that thing which enables me to support my family and habits like registering useless domain names) which, during the semester, involves all sorts of other things aside from doing research. So […]

Once more, what makes a biblioblogger? 5

Scott Bailey brings up this nagging question and Jim responds with his usual…rhetoric. I am not going to try and answer the question (by most definitions I might well not be included as one), but I am going to ask, when was it that so many self-defined bibliobloggers became the TMZ or Perez Hilton or the […]

Suggestions for the August Biblical Studies Carnival (and why I am out) 5

To all those who enjoy the Biblical Studies Carnivals and care what is represented in them I encourage you to go over to Daniel McClellan’s site and post or email him your suggestions. I may send some links, but I won’t be hosting any more carnivals. I know this topic has come up in the […]

Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture 6

I am trying to better integrate my workflow and one of the challenges is that I now have several blogs to which I post and sometimes I want the same post on all the blogs (some people only go to one blog. I know! Can you imagine?). MarsEdit is a blog editor that I used […]

I’m as popular as Jim West, I just know I am! 6

Well, my site may not be as popular as our reigning #1 Biblioblogger, but I think I have figured out why I fare so poorly in the Alexa rankings. It isn’t that I am blogging far less frequently or that people aren’t interested in what I have to say (well, that could be it, but […]

You think I need more focus? You mean you don't like rambling posts, comics, and iOS tips?


Flipbook-style plug-in for WordPress!

The Chronicle of Higher Education blog ProfHacker put me on to a great WP plugin that makes your site look and work like Flipboard, a great magazine like news-reading experience for the iPad. I have it running now, what do you think? OnSwipe describes itself as “a platform that makes it insanely easy for publishers […]