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Chesterton on the main characteristic of the Hebrew Bible

I am a great admirer of GK Chesterton, from his Father Brown mysteries (the new BBC series does little justice) to his theological ramblings. His output is prodigious and thus uneven, but always entertaining and enlightening. I have been reading his introduction to Job and found these comments thought provoking. The central idea of the great […]

Suffering and Grace 5

Beautiful and Terrible Things I am now writing on a book on this subject. The working title is “Beautiful and Terrible Things: A Biblical Theology of Suffering and Grace.“ In the spring of 2015 I was invited by the Graduation Christian Fellowship and Chesterton House of Cornell University to lecture on suffering. Below, collected on one […]

The danger of praying in high places

From The Hammer of God by G. K. Chesterton. “I think there is something rather dangerous about standing on these high places even to pray,” said Father Brown. “Heights were made to be looked at, not to be looked from.” “Do you mean that one may fall over,” asked Wilfred. “I mean that one’s soul […]

“In a total stranger we perceive man himself” 1

The full quote, from The Club of Queer Trades by G.K. Chesterton, is Then we [two men having just met] had talked for about an hour about politics and God; for men always talk about the most important things to total strangers. It is because in the total stranger we perceive man himself; the image […]

“Thrones, Dominations” 1

I have mentioned elsewhere that I am big Dorothy L. Sayers fan. She was, in my view, a better theological thinker than CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien with whom she would often share a pint. I was first introduced to her work through her mysteries featuring Lord Peter Wimsey (the first one I read was […]