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Brothers Podcast – School Strike!

Isn’t technology fun? If you listened to last night’s podcast you know that my brother sounded like he was inside a can (aluminum, no doubt). So, I wanted to test things out again and it turns out that there is some more news to report. My nephew’s school district is striking! (We even discuss the possibility of CA homeschool teachers coming out to PA to cover the strike!) The announcement from the school district is […]

Brothers Podcast – Twitter, Teaching, and Technology

My brother and I chat about God, Noah, Twitter, nearly meeting Richard Scoble, using technology in the classroom, the Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology, the Life of Brian, and other truly relevant things. I hope you enjoy it! Play in new window | Download (34.0MB)  

Brothers Podcast – Blogs

Before I got sick my brother and I tried out some new software and talked about what blogs we read regularly. Which of course got us onto politics. Play in new window | Download (11.8MB)  

Brady Brothers Podcast – Safari and Stuff

Another chat with my brother. We talked about Apple’s Safari browser and Leo Laporte‘s defense of the app. (Leo’s point: Safari is standards compliant. Steve’s point: even if IE/Firefox are not compliant, they display more sites correctly.) UPDATE: I ran the podcast through “Levelator” so the levels should be more…well, level. OK, even. Play in new window | Download (6.0MB)  

Brothers Podcast Pt. 1

Two Bradys, Two Brothers, Two Doctorates, and at least Two Views. We discuss our different set ups, Windows for Steve (XP) and Mac OSX for Chris. I followed the directions found here. More topics covered: Honda Civic Hybrid – See Steve’s blog entry and why Steve is now a Conservative environmentalist. (And what that means.) Why some want higher taxes on gas. Steve’s tags. Including “Cats kill birds, not windmills.“ Environmental issues in general. […]


The Brothers podcast…again!

From my brother’s blog. I will try and post the first portion of this tonight. The Brothers podcast…again! Well, we decided to record another phone conversation. This is actually the second half of our conversation, where we tackled the “after show” topics. We start with my theory that by offering multiple operating systems (Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP and Vista) Dell is working to position themselves to sell Apple’s OS-X. Other things we talk about: Does […]

Podcast: Two Brothers and at Least Two Views

Last night my brother and I sat down to chat about computers, business practices, and reporting (that will be saved for another podcast). We discussed “live blogging” (as opposed to dead blogging?), Ginger, the vehicle, not the character or spice, ROI on Macs vs. Windows, and what makes one a zealot. Steve created the word “technigion” which I thought clever and away we went… It is an hour long, so best to take it a […]

Biblicapodcast #3 – Chris Tilling

Today I interviewed Chris Tilling of Chrisendom via Skype. He is surely known to everyone who reads this blog (especially since his blog gets 10 times the traffic of mine, thus the reason for my interviewing him, trying to buy some friends! 😉 Add me to your blogroll, please? And doesn’t that sound just a little too much like bogroll?). He is a doctoral student working on Pauline divine Christology – looking at the question […]

The Brothers Chat Again!

A little bit of fun from yesterday. My brother put it up first and his audio quality is better than mine, so I am using his file. Yes, that is his intro not mine. 🙂 The Brothers Chat Again! My brother (the Targuman) and I have another chat. We briefly chat about the YouTube video that I blogged on previously, and then move on to talk about the Mac Air. As a starting point we […]

The Brothers Chatting

From my brother’s blog/podcast. If you are interested in hearing a couple of brothers talking about the iPhone, podcasting tech, and my nearly getting hit (always use a headset while driving!) then this is for you. The Brothers Chatting Okay, so this is about as frivolous as they come. I was testing out the new technology that lets me record “real” phone conversations, and, well, here’s the result. We talk about iPhone and various audio […]