Twitter may save your life 3

Jim can deny it all he likes but Twitter is a tool and can be used for extraordinary good. It has even saved a life from terrorists. Jim noted this story but the irony seemed to have been missed.

Come to the light my friend, spread your wings and tweet!


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3 thoughts on “Twitter may save your life

  • Jeremy

    Chris, you’re right. Twitter is an amazing tool. I’ve made a lot of connections there that I’m not sure I would have otherwise. I think probably that if Jim tried it, he would like it. Somewhat like green eggs and ham …

  • Madeleine

    Facebook saved my life, well not really but it did get me rescued.

    The internal mechanisms of my lounge door handle broke inside the door which meant my daughter and I were trapped in our lounge on the second floor and my 8 year old son was on the other side of the door with no adult to supervise him.

    There was no phone in the room we were trapped in so I thought we were really in a pickle but then I realised I had my laptop. One facebook status update was all it took, within 15 minutes my landlord arrived with his toolkit and rescued us, apparently 8 people had phoned to tell him of our plight.

    If I had used twitter I’m sure he’d have been there within 5 minutes.