Oh where did those two days go?

I am ok now, but man! Did those last two days stink. Sunday night I began to feel a bit chilled and by Monday morning it was a full blown flu-type festival. Fortunately I did not have any violent biological expulsions, if you know what I mean, but my body was sore and shutdown for nearly two full days. So, what did I learn in my comatose state?

  • I can’t concentrate for more than 10 seconds at a time on anything. And being sick just makes it worse. This is when TV is at its best.
  • I still don’t get tired of MythBusters and Deadliest Catch is growing on me. (See earlier post on that, pre dementia.)
  • Never underestimate the power of sleep. And the ability of children, lovingly telling each other to “BE QUIET, DAD IS TRYING TO SLEEP,” to disturb said sleep.
  • Caffeine is an addictive drug. As I was coming out of my stupor yesterday afternoon I was struggling with a fierce headache. It occured to me that I had not had coffee in two days. Half a cup later (all my stomach could handle) my headache was gone! The only cold turkey I want is on a sandwich!
  • I love being in a seasonal climate again. Yesterday it was in the 80’s here and two weeks ago we were snowed in in DC (is that the correct way to say that? “in in”?), unable to get home. I love this weather!
  • I have great students who (perhaps appreciating class being cancelled) sent me nice emails wishing me well.

I did come across some interesting things in the last few days and if I can recover them from my fevered brain I will try and share them here. In the meantime, I am off to deal with the 300 emails that I received since Sunday.


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