The Comic Curmudgeon: For better or for making out

This is clearly a very popular blog (over 300 comments per post!) but I have just discovered it. Our local paper is having a comic vote off/on and someone at their blog posted a link to the Curmudgeon. I have just wasted enjoyed 20 minutes reading his comments on comics. This is the sort of blog that I would love to post if I had the time. Instead, let’s read his!

For better or for making out

I know that doesn’t make any sense, but I find it amusing.

Oh yeah, Gerald an’ April are gonna be at home all by themselves. And they’re going to “practicing.” And I think you and I both know what they’ll be practicing. That’s right: they’ll be practicing talking like actual fifteen-year-olds, rather than robots programmed by a sixty-year-old to say things like “make some green,” “the kiddies,” and, of course, “practice.”

Of course, they are Canadian so maybe they do say things like that. Except wouldn’t it be “blues and pinks” instead of “green” for money? Or “loonies?” 🙂

(Via The Comics Curmudgeon.)


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